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    Terms and Conditions

    Debit Order

    If your banking details have not been provided accurately, or if your details change at any time in the future and you fail to notify TFG of such changes, or if payments are not made in accordance with the Debit Order Instruction, the responsibility for payment will rest with you.

    If there are insufficient funds in your account to meet the obligations, TFG is entitled to track your account and re-present the instruction for payment as soon as sufficient funds are available in your account.

    You agree to pay any bank and other charges relating to this Debit Order Instruction.

    All payment instructions issued by TFG shall be treated by your bank as if the instructions have been issued by you personally.

    This Instruction may only be cancelled by you giving TFG 30 days notice in writing. You will not be entitled to any refunds of amounts which have been withdrawn while this authority was in force, if such amounts were legally owing to TFG. Such cancellation will not cancel your credit agreement with TFG.

    This Instruction cannot be assigned to any third party, unless your credit agreement is ceded or assigned to a third party, in which event you acknowledge that this Authority may then be ceded or assigned to that third party.

    Receipts of this Instruction by TFG shall be regarded as receipt thereof by your bank.

    The abbreviated name that will reflect on your bank statement is TFGACCOUNT.

    You will be sent an SMS to authenticate your DebiCheck debit order. Should you fail to authenticate this, TFG reserves the right to debit your bank account with the agreed value on the agreed date as a Registered mandate service. Should you decline the authentication, TFG reserves the right to debit your bank account with the agreed value on the agreed date as a Standard Debit order.

    What this means for you as a Customer

    If you do not give us your correct banking details, or if your banking details change at any time in the future and you don't let us know about this, you will still be responsible for making sure that your TFG account is paid every month.

    When we try to take money from your account in terms of the debit order instruction that you have given to us, and we see that there is not enough money in your account to cover this debit order, then we will keep tracking your bank account until we see that money has come into your account and it is enough to cover the debit order amount. We will then deduct the instalment owed to us.

    If the bank charges fees for the debit order, you must pay these fees.

    Your bank will see all instructions that we give it to take money from your account, as if instructions have been given by you.

    You must give us 30 days' notice to cancel your debit order. If we take money from your bank account that is owed to us while your debit order is in place, during this 30 day period, we will not refund you this amount. If you cancel your debit order, it won't affect your credit agreement that you have with us.

    We cannot transfer any of our rights that you have given us under this debit order to any other party, unless we (TFG) transfer all of our rights in your credit agreement to another party.

    We will treat this debit order instruction as if your bank has given it to us.

    TFGACCOUNT is what will reflect on your bank statement when we take the money from your account.