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    MoreType Buy Now Pay Later solution
    MoreType Buy Now Pay Later solution

    MoreTyme Buy Now Pay Later

    myTFGmoney, in association with TymeBank, is bringing the MoreTyme Buy Now Pay Later solution to a TFG store near you!

    Look out for MoreTyme in Jet stores from mid-November 2021. myTFGmoney will then be rolling out MoreTyme to our other 20+ leading retail brands in 2022.

    What does MoreTyme allow you to do?

    With MoreTyme, you can shop in TFG stores, pay 50% on the day, and take your items home with you. You then have 2 months to pay your second and third interest-free installments to TymeBank. There’s no monthly fee and no fee when you buy, so you never have to pay more than the original price.

    Here’s an example:

    Imagine you find the perfect pair of sneakers in a TFG store, costing R1 800. But you only have R900 in your account and pay day is a long way off. That’s where MoreTyme comes in. It allows you to pay R900 upfront, take the sneakers home straight away, and pay the rest over 2 months.

      Payment #1 Payment #2 Payment #3
    Payment split R900* R450* R450*
    Purchase amount % 50% 25% 25%
    When is it deducted? Upfront when you buy 30 days after purchase 60 days after purchase

    Example of a R1800 purchase. * The minimum amount that you need in your account.

    Sounds great right? It really is.

    And you can buy with MoreTyme in 4 easy steps. All you need is a verified TymeBank account and the TymeBank app. You can open a free TymeBank account in 5 min. Click here to visit the TymeBank website to find out more.